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Hello Lovelies!!
I am Anderson, the creature reading all these books, getting my hands dirty in artsy etcetera, and then giving you a run down of what I thought about it. I'm a wife, and mother of three little wild things...well, they aren't so little anymore, but they will always be my little wild things. I usually have them tagging along on my artsy adventures, sometimes willingly and sometimes not.

12 Random things you may or may not want to know about yours truly:

1. I love fine arts and more specifically BOOKS!!! Duh...you probably already figured that out.

2. I love to dress up. I collect things that will work well for costumes of any era and imagining, and then seek out events that I can go to in costume.

3. Some of my favorite things are spooky stories, movies, atmospheres, and Halloween.

4. Halloween the movie has been a favorite of mine since I was five. Yes folks, FIVE!! My mom says I watched it on repeat like other kids watched Cinderella (maybe that's what's wrong with me!).

5. Words are one of my best friends!!! My favorite app is the dictionary/thesaurus app. I get giddy over finding a word in a book I don't know and then looking it up.

6. I prefer small venue anything to large venue. Give me community theatre over Broadway, and local bands over rock stars any day!

7. When I was in the 4th grade I tested on a 12th grade reading level and was placed in gifted and talented English classes. Reading...an Always kind of love *sigh*

8. Walking is another beloved activity of mine. Nothing compares to seeing things from the perspective of my own two feet, breathing deeply and taking in my surroundings...heaven. Plus, it keeps my mood pleasant! I get out and take a walk at least four days a week, and sometimes more. I feel like a kindred spirit to Elizabeth Bennet in Pride and Prejudice, but man am I glad I don't have to wear a dress!

9. I like to play "What if" with my wild things. What if zombies are real and our crazy neighbor is one? What if my leg suddenly turned into a horses leg and started kicking you? What if you woke up one morning and realized you were living in the White House and your dad was president?

10. I don't own an E-reader. I don't want one. Vintage reader all the way...support your local independent bookstore and library folks!

11. I enjoy writing snail mail letters, sometimes I'm better about it than others, but I still talk to several pen pals I have met in other countries along the way, although I have never been to those countries just sent letters!

12. I have my very own little library in my house, complete with shelves and shelves of books, a reading nook, art, quills, ink, wands, jars of potions, a giant unicorn and many other magical whimsies.

I hope you enjoy my reviews and adventures! I enjoy posting them and connecting with other readers and art nerds!
Happy Reading,

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