Friday, May 13, 2016

to Finish, or Not to Finish

I think all of us at one time or another have started a book only to find it is not to our liking. It may be poorly written, boring, silly, too this or not enough that. There are any number of reasons that one could find a book hard to continue and want to quit on it. I have on many occasions found myself inside a book I didn't like, but I very rarely quit. It has to be bad, I mean REALLY bad, for me to give up on it once I have started.
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     By started I mean at least a hundred pages in. If I can't get through the first chapter it's gone, but if I've read a hundred pages before I've started to feel the tingle of 'this isn't going well', I will usually continue. It's not easy, and it usually takes me a lot longer to read them than it should, but I do try to keep pushing through to the end. I just set myself a goal of how much I want to read each day, or vow to read every time I have even ten minutes to spare so that I can get finished with it.
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     I feel like I committed when I sat down and got to that hundredth page, something made me think I would like it, and I never know what I might find if I just keep hiking through. There may be a beautiful waterfall, or majestic scenery around one of the pages. Maybe an inspiring quote that goes perfectly in my quote book, or an unforgettable character that stays with me when I am done. At the very least it will give me some fresh insight into what DOESN'T work when writing a book. I have a hard time knowing that if I don't finish there will be an orphan story floating around in my mind that I will never know the ending to, even if I did find it boring or poorly written.
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     Sometimes I leave and come back to it. There has been more than one book that I read half of it at one time, then several months later went back and read the rest. Sometimes that break is all I need to push myself through the rest, it can even help me find a little more enjoyment out of the remaining story. I don't like feeling like a quitter, and I guess that's how not finishing a book, even if I don't really like it, makes me feel. Like a quitter.
     How about you? Do you push yourself through hoping to find a treasure in there some where if you just keep putting your eyes one word in front of the other, or do you have no qualms at all about tossing it aside and choosing a different path to walk?
                                       May all your books be magical!

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